sustainable dressage
Theresa Sandin’s site is a veritable treasure trove of information on all things relating to correct equitation, including riding tack and the correct way to use it. This is an inspirational site and is one that I constantly dive into for great advice.
Philip Karl
Monsieur Karl, ex Cadre Noir at Saumur in France, is a true master when it comes to the French Classical style of equitation. He has written books and created videos on the subject which are an inspiration to anyone aspiring to ride in lightness. See his videos for sublime riding! Join the scintillating discussions on the Yahoo forum, specifically dedicated to learning a la Philippe Karl at 
Horses for Life
Here finally is a magazine -- online -- that will open your eyes and make you think twice about everything you do on horseback! Every month is packed with articles relating to the well-being of the horse in relation to training, with contributors from around the world including Jean Claude Racinet, Walter Zettl, Karen Rohlf, Theresa Sandin, not to mention analyses of the writings of the great masters. If I were forced to pick my one source of information, this would be it!
Enlightened Equitation
Heather Moffett is one of the most outspoken champions of correct dressage riding, but not only that, she has designed a series of treeless and semi-treeless saddles which are comfortable for both horse and rider alike.  Her equisimulators have helped hundreds of riders learn to ride correctly from the beginning, as well as help experienced riders correct ingrained habits.  Join the forum here and learn along with others.
Frank Grelo
Frank Grelo is a Portuguese master living and training in Canada.  His riding is a delight to watch, with his stallions all going as light as a feather in the French Classical style.  See Winnie Stott’s entertaining books and videos relating her experiences learning from this great master!


This is the official site of the Iberian horse in the United States where horses of Portuguese and Spanish origin may be registered in one stud book.  Check out the articles and stories about the Iberian horse, and find out what’s going on where and when in your area.
Find out what’s going on in the Rocky Mountain states of the United States relating to the Iberian horse.  Clinics, shows, and other events.Join the Yahoo forum at