supplement prices

Item Retail Cost for
1 Day/ 1 Month/ 1 Year
2 pound container $35.00 $1.15/ $35.00/ $420
8 pound container $85.00 $0.70/ $21.00/ $225.00
35 pound container $220.00 $0.40/ $12.00/ $147.00

The supplement is normally shipped out from Idaho. An 8 pounder to Colorado normally costs around $10, and a 35 pounder $20. Additionally, supplement may be delivered within the immediate Denver area for anywhere from $5 to $10, or it may be picked up in the foothills southwest of Denver during non-business hours.

There is a new size available, 30 lbs. which fits nicely into a USPS box which retails for $175.  Free shipping is currently available for the 30 and 35 lb. containers.

50 lb. blocks are available from Cheryl Rennels in Colorado (northwest of Fort Collins). These are ideal for pastured horses where they may not get a daily concentrated feed. Place in a shallow leak-proof container so that any rain collected can be picked up, thus no wastage. One block should last one horse for one month. Contact Cheryl at email: