Total* Equine Supplement Introduction

Table of Contents

  1. Total Equine's Mission
  2. Total Equine's Goals
  3. Total Equine Manufacturing
  4. Total Equine's Guarantee
  5. Total Equine - The Product
  6. Total Equine - Feeding Recommendations


Total* Equine Manufacturing, Inc.'s (TEM) mission is to provide an economical, simple, intelligent solution to the complete health and nutrition of the whole horse. Clients, customers and associates can expect peak performance and maximum pleasure from their horse as well as satisfaction and peace of mind from their service. Both TEM's product and its service will be delivered with unparalleled, uncompromising professionalism, honesty and integrity.

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  • To give your horse a long, healthy and disease-free life
  • To increase stamina, strength, and endurance
  • To eliminate nutritional and degenerative disease
  • To provide the horseman with a high quality, convenient product at a reasonable cost

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From the start, owner Darwin Jensen was revolted by all the "snake oil" equine supplements on the market. He had all but given up on finding one that really did the job. But, when introduced to Total*, several things caught his attention. This was no ordinary product. Not only did the formula make sense, but the idea of making a complete product, one that would address the whole horse and all facets of nutritional health, really made sense.

It all came together in 1993 when a manufacturer of equine supplements sought professional assistance from Utah State University to create a superior formula for owners and breeders who wanted ultimate performance from their horses. Unfortunately, this secret formula remained privileged information to only a select few breeders for years. Quite by accident, Darwin was introduced to Total* when a horse he had sold was injured. After seeing the astounding effect Total* had in restoring health and vitality to this and his own horses, he decided to buy the company. Dedicated to improving the lives and performance of horses, Darwin realized that the secret of this exceptional formula could not and should not remain hidden from the equestrian world. Thus he made it his mission to provide horse enthusiasts the world over with the finest equine supplement at the very best price.

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You want a healthy, productive horse, one that will give you top performance, satisfaction and pleasure for a long, long time. By using Total*, your horse will look better, feel better, perform better and live longer. Darwin has dedicated his life to these ends. You and your horse will be happy with Total* Equine Supplement. If you don’t see results in 120 days, Total* Equine Manufacturing will refund your money!

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Total* Equine is formulated to meet a horse’s vitamin and mineral needs in a form that can be absorbed and effectively utilized. These needs especially apply to performance horses and horses in intensive training.

There are many supplements on the market today. However, few are formulated, balanced, and buffered to meet the requirements of all categories of horses, and none is a better value.

Total* Equine Supplement is a unique formula that has withstood the test of time and has created champions. A wide range of benefits come to horses that are fed Total* Equine. In the racehorse, vitamins and minerals are needed for strenuous exercise, while in the broodmare, there are crucial vitamins and minerals needed to develop the unborn foal. In all performance horses, a vitamin and mineral supplement should be fed in balance with the rest of the ration to maximize performance.

Trial reports show that horses fed Total* Equine undergo a noticeable change which can be observed in as little as 15 to 30 days. It is shown that horses fed Total* Equine are more energetic, skin and hair coat improves, hooves and foot problems are remedied, and the overall health of the horse is measurably strengthened. Horses that are consistently fed Total* Equine show no vitamin and mineral deficiencies following regular skeletal reviews and blood tests.

Total* Equine vitamin and mineral supplement is available, is reasonably priced, and is the only supplement that an owner or trainer needs to feed.

Total* Equine may be fed by itself, or mixed with other feeds such as grain and hay. Horses, from colts on up, readily eat our supplement. This is a big plus, as some are not as palatable as Total* Equine.

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TOTAL EQUINE* - Feeding Recommendations

Performance horses – 1 oz. per day, 1.5 oz. on performance days

Weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, geldings – 1 oz. per day

Total* Equine Supplement may be fed by itself, or mixed with other feeds such as grain and hay.

Just add 1 oz. to a helping of grain, and that’s it! But as with all foods newly introduced, START SLOWLY. It is often beneficial to add water to the mix to ensure no powder is left over.

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